M, you are the one I need

This boy got me. He's this guy I've been looking for...
It's so hard that he lives so far away but I can look forward to see him in a few weeks when my mum is in Italy for 2 weeks.
I have to think of him all the time and it makes me sick that I know it won't become a relationship...For furthers post and for you to know I will only call him > M <

Some things he said/wrote to me, which made me smile:

-At my hotel room he was lying in my bed and I was brushing my hair.
M: "I want you to be my girl."

-We were lying in my bed together at night. He was holding me in his arms. He breathed heavily once. I asked him what's wrong with him. He said: "I want to be with you forever. I'll miss you." And he kissed me on my forehead.

-We were chatting on msn. I had the webcam on but it was dark in my room. I wrote: "Can you see anything?" And he answered: "Yes I can see my darling."

These were only 3 things he was so sweet... But there were so much more...

I'm sorry to all of you... But this one... is mine!

The first one after a long time who has my heart.

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  1. Wow, your M is really sweet, youre so lucky to have him. dont let him go.