So true ♥

"Why give people the satisfaction of letting them get the best of you, when you clearly know that they envy and want to be you. You should feel bad that they are pathetic to want to live their lives through your downfall. People are too weak to follow their own dreams, and will find every way possible to try and discourage yours. It's a natural thing. Don't curse it, bless it. Because these pathetic mother fuckers encourage my conceit. "-Nicole Richie


Pictures To Show My Mood


Paris Hilton ♥

I LOVE this woman! She's my icon, my role model, my inspiration for soooo long! She'll be forever! I couldn't belive it when she followed me on twitter, posted a collage I made for her ony her twitpic, she replied to my letter and watched my birthday-video for her... All these things seemed before they happened, so unreal. But when you really are in touch with her, you concern yourself with her, you will see what a wonderful down-to-earth person she is! Everyone would love her.




I love when you call me babe.
I just want to be with you.
Today, tomorrow, forever...
I'll be yours!


M, you are the one I need

This boy got me. He's this guy I've been looking for...
It's so hard that he lives so far away but I can look forward to see him in a few weeks when my mum is in Italy for 2 weeks.
I have to think of him all the time and it makes me sick that I know it won't become a relationship...For furthers post and for you to know I will only call him > M <

Some things he said/wrote to me, which made me smile:

-At my hotel room he was lying in my bed and I was brushing my hair.
M: "I want you to be my girl."

-We were lying in my bed together at night. He was holding me in his arms. He breathed heavily once. I asked him what's wrong with him. He said: "I want to be with you forever. I'll miss you." And he kissed me on my forehead.

-We were chatting on msn. I had the webcam on but it was dark in my room. I wrote: "Can you see anything?" And he answered: "Yes I can see my darling."

These were only 3 things he was so sweet... But there were so much more...

I'm sorry to all of you... But this one... is mine!

The first one after a long time who has my heart.


Hey everyone :)

This is my first post on this blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I will...
I'm going to post about everything what's on my mind... If it's a picture of last weekend, a quote which reminds me of something or just a story which happened to me... Can't wait to start!

Lynn ♥